2D Characters

2D Characters

Cartoon monsters

Cartoon Racoon

Wild West pack

Cartoon Native American

Cartoon Cow

Cartoon Donkey

Cartoon Rooster

Cartoon Sheep

Cartoon Mouse

Cartoon Crocodile

Cartoon Bee

Cartoon Rabbit

Cartoon Fox

Cartoon Zebra

Cartoon Zebra

Cartoon Lion

Cartoon Cockatoo

Cartoon Parrot

Cartoon Blue Jay

Cartoon Vultures

Cartoon Toucan

Cartoon Crow

Cartoon Owl

Cartoon Butterfly

Cartoon Wolf

Cartoon Turtle

Cartoon Kangaroo

Cartoon Mouse 2

Cartoon Butterfly 2

Cartoon Bear

The 2D animation characters can be used in Cartoon Animator 4 (previously known as CrazyTalk Animator). Diartbar uses the same software for making different kinds of animated videos. As a certified developers we are actively working on creating 2D characters for the Reallusion store (using the nickname Dicho). For any questions regarding our animation characters you can contact us - diartbar@yahoo.com.

Note: After clicking the BUY button you will be redirected to Reallusion.com where all legal regulations regarding the usage of the characters are set and applied. Click on the link below to see all DiArtBar characters:

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