3D Character

3D Characters

All 3D animation characters can be used in iClone 7. Diartbar uses the same software for making different kinds of animated videos. As a certified developers we are actively working on creating 3D characters for the Reallusion store where all our 3D products can be purchased. For any questions regarding our animation characters you can contact us - diartbar@yahoo.com.

Note: After clicking the BUY NOW button you will be redirected to our store in Reallusion.com where all legal regulations regarding the usage of the characters are set and applied and where all our 3D characters can be purchased.

3D toon pigs


Toon Fox

Toon Lynx

Toon Orangutan

Toon Turtles

Toon Deer

Toon Chimpanzee

Toon dog - Bruno

Toon Crocodiles

Toon Penguins


My Grandparents

Rhino Man

Toon Gorillas

toon Chameleons

Combo pack BAMBINOS

Cartoon Gallic Warriors

Cartoon Roman Soldiers

The Sailor Man and friends

Geppe & Pini

Toon Tigers

Toon Bears

Toon Donkey

Toon Cows

Toon Frogs

The Old Guitarist

Toon Cats

Dicho in Bigboss treasures

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