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Diartbar digital pet portraits are handmade, replacing the traditional paint and brush technique with a graphic pencil and tablet.

HOW CAN I ORDER? – Use the contact form on this page below this text and write the details of your order, or you can write a message on our                     social media account  (Diartbar on Instagram & Facebook). After we receive all the details of your order, we will send you a custom link which you can use for payment confirmaton of your order, with a few easy steps.

WHAT SHOULD I PROVIDE? – one or more quality photos (clear, good lighting, pet facing forwards) of your pet
  – details and directions for the background (if any)
 – colors you would like to be used (optional)
  – text/name (optional)

WHAT WILL I RECEIVE? – high resolution PDF and JPEG files / PNG (optional) files on your email provided, ready for both print (paper, mugs, t-shirts, etc.) and web purposes                                                     

NOTE: – a sketch of the idea is provided for approval and for any large changes before adding color and details 
  – 2 free revisions included after the complete product is delivered
  – We discuss and set all details beforehand. Costumer approves and confirmes all details. After the illustration is complete large revisions such as:            a change of initial photo of the pet / change of initial directions for backround would be charged accordingly
  – delivery time – 3-6 business days

We’d be happy to see your loving pet portrait illustration on social media. Use the following tags #diartbar @diartbar 🖤  

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