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Diartbar wedding invitations are hand drawn, replacing the traditional technique of pen and brush with a graphic pencil and tablet

 Use the contact form on this page above this text and write the details of your order. After we receive all the details of your order, we will send you a custom link for payment confirmaton of your order, with a few fast & easy steps.


  • one or more quality and authentic photos of the faces of bride and groom
  •  details and directions for the background (optional)
  •   colors you would like to be used (optional)
  •   outfits you would like to be drawn
  •  any photo references of outfits, background or any other design that you like, would be helpful
  •  text for the invitation (if any)



  • 2 high resolution 300dpi files – PDF for printing in your local print shop and JPEG for digital purposes (social media, website, etc.), both sent on the email you provide. The dimension can be adjusted to your needs.
  • You can print your illustration on any item, in your local print shop.

    Diartbar printing services are available for domestic orders only (Macedonia)

  • A3 framed print of the illustration so you can keep your loving memory – included in domestic orders only       


  •  a sketch of the idea is provided for approval and for any large changes before adding color and details
  •  2 free revisions included after the complete product is delivered
  •  We discuss and set all details beforehand. The Customer approves and confirms all details. After the illustration is complete large revisions such as: change  of photo of the face for a recreation of the face / change of initial directions for background/ overall change of the outfits would be charged accordingly
  • The delivery time is discussed depending on the complexity of the order and it is at least 5 business days after the order is confirmed.

Contact us for the details of your custom made invitation and leave the most unique impression on your quests at the same time having timeless wedding portraits to always remember your special day!

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